Welcome to the Shore lab website. We are part of the Molecular and Cellular Biology research division within the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health at the University of Manchester, UK. Our research focuses on the regulation of gene expression in human disease, with a particular emphasis on the changes in gene expression in metastatic breast cancer.

Molecular mechanisms of breast cancer metastasis

Our goal is to understand the molecular basis for the development of specific metastatic phenotypes.  Our work focuses on the molecular mechanisms that determine changes in gene expression which subsequently enable disseminated breast cancer cells to colonise specific tissues. Breast cancers frequently metastasise to the skeleton where they cause osteolytic bone destruction. Effective treatment of bone metastasis remains a considerable clinical challenge. In the UK 12,000 patients that die from breast cancer annually have bone metastasis. How breast cancer spreads so readily to the skeleton is not fully understood, and there are currently no treatments that specifically prevent breast cancers from spreading to bone. There is therefore an urgent need to identify the key molecules involved in breast cancer bone metastasis in order to develop successful therapies for these patients.

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Dr Paul Shore Faculty of Life Sciences The University of Manchester Michael Smith Building Oxford Road Manchester M13 9PT Tel: +44 (0)161 2755978 Email: paul.shore@manchester.ac.uk

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Our lab is located in the Michael Smith Building [Building 71].

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